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"Space: the final frontier", was the beginning of Star Trek episodes and movies and which left us very anxious. But who overstepped this final frontier? The extraterrestrials, of course!
So why not immortalize these beings with tattoos of aliens? After all, if they exist, reached places where we never were...

What is an alien or extraterrestrial?

An alien or an extraterrestrial are beings which have not a terrestrial origin. The existence of these forms of life is not proven; according to the various theories put forward, they can range from bacteria, viruses, or more complex beings than humans.
In the mid-twentieth century humans began searching for life beyond Earth, even if, up to the present, has not been possible to find any scientific proof of their existence. However, this didn't impede to the science fiction to depict widely the extraterrestrials.
This extraterrestrial representation of life is also present in the religion, since Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism mention the existence of other worlds.

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Meaning of aliens tattoos

Tattoos of aliens are the best metaphors to represent the unknown, what we unremittingly seek and in what we believe but we couldn't prove yet. Tattoos of aliens are ideal for topics ranging from life in the universe to the discovery.

Style of aliens tattoos

In our imagery an alien will always be a little green man. A being with a body similar to ours, two legs, two arms but one head and big eyes. This alien tattoo will get better if colorful and will give a mysterious look to your skin.
However those who prefer to give a more aggressive aspect to their extraterrestrial tattoo must choose an image from the Alien movie in dark tones, with many shadows. It's guaranteed that it will scare a lot of kids!


If on one side we have ET and ALF as examples of friendly extraterrestrials and even playful, on the other side we have Alien, a 1979 movie that depicts a highly aggressive creature that chases and kills the crew of a spaceship.
The Alien tattoos also drive us to an imagery of violence and conflict with the desire to explore the unknown and the fear of what awaits us there.

ET, the extraterrestrial

ET is a film of 1982, directed by Steven Spielberg, that tells the story of an extraterrestrial whocrashes on Earth and befriends a boy that hide him from the authorities, which were seeking him to turn him into a guinea pig, and ultimately helps him to return to his planet.
Still today this is considered as one of the best science fiction movies ever produced and it is undeniable that the sympathetic extraterrestrial character with the shining finger marked several generations. Everyone remember the scene from ET and his human friend touching their fingers (like on the movie poster) or the one in which the extraterrestrial goes in the basket of the bike and suddenly starts flying.
Who wants to get a tattoo of an extraterrestrial and chooses ET is definitely a true fan of both the movie and the relationship of friendship born between him and the child.


ALF was a North American series in which the title meant "alien life form" and began airing just four years after the release of ET in 1986.
This character had a lovely aspect, nevertheless he ate everything he found (with special interest in cats), was especially sarcastic and prone to troubles.
The alien tattoos that depict ALF are preferred by who admires the sarcastic personality of this character.


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