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An Anchor tattoo is a drawing that pleases both men and women. Both choose it, either for its beauty or for its symbolism.
The anchor is considered a symbol of steadiness, solidity, and tranquility. That is the reason why you find huge models of anchor. The heavy bulk that steadies the ship inspire both simple and elaborate images. Whether tattooed in big size, expressing power, or in small size, showing graciousness, the anchor always fits well. The format of an anchor is very nice and beautifully adorns any part of the body.

Meaning of an anchor tattoo

In the mobility of the sea and the elements, the anchor is steadies, ties, and immobilizes the vessel. Therefore, the anchor is the safeguard of seamen under the storm. So, tattooing an anchor is a way of marking hope on your body. The anchor in a ship ensures support; hope is also essential to face troubles in life.

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Tattooing an anchor on your body means representing the steady part of your being, the one that allows you to keep calm and lucidity before the wave of sensations and feelings. In this sense, the anchor might also be a barrier, a hindrance. That is exactly why the anchor comes along with the dolphin (the very image of speed) and it is used to depict Emperor Augustus’ motto, “more haste, less speed”. With this phrase (“festina lente”, in Latin), the Roman Emperor meant the work done slowly is better than when it is done hurriedly.

The anchor still symbolizes the conflict between solid and liquid, earth and water. It detains the movement of life when it goes stormy. The conflict must be solved so earth and water united can favor the fruitful evolution

Colors and types of anchor tattoos

Anchor tattoos, though quite old, are still up-to-date and demanded. Firstly used by seamen, fishermen and other sea-related professionals, anchor tattoos have become popular among those who love the sea.
Whether simple or combined with another drawing, for instance, sea, compass, stars, ropes, flowers, anchor tattoos are always a good choice.
Anchor tattoos are used either monochrome, painted in black, or colored and/or with shading.

What body part is good for an anchor tattoo?

Any part of the body is a good “canvas” for an anchor tattoo. If it is drawn on the foot or ankle, it is closer to “solid ground” and anchoring its holder. It is especially recommended in those parts for people born under air signs, who have a strong tendency to dispersion. Arm, hand, fingers, back, nape, for instance, are good parts to draw this symbol on, as this symbol is associated to safety, tranquility, and stability.

Anchor tattoo: tattooing hope

Many people choose an anchor tattoo to remind it doesn’t matter how stormy “the waters” go, how adverse the environment is; as long as they don’t hesitate and keep on doing what they are supposed to do, everything will be solved. There is hope. That is why some tattoo the anchor along with the name of someone who were their shelter and support, safe harbor and security, during a given moment of their lives.
If you had doubt if it is a good tattoo, you must be already convinced by now. Go ahead! Tie an anchor on your skin. Choose the body part, drawing, size and colors, and moor hope on your body.


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