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If you are looking for couple tattoos ideas, we have several beautiful ideas and full of meaning. Here you will find inspirations for your relationship or friendship tattoo.
Getting a friendship tattoo is marking in the skin an affection and tenderness connection. Hearts are often used to register it. This design is also widely used in tattoo for couples.
Having a shared tattoo with someone special is also something very special. In this case, mathematics doesn’t work as usual because, when divided by two, a tattoo doubles its meaning.
Like in a puzzle, couples’ tattoos and friendship tattoos show their special meaning when together.

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Drawings used to symbolize friendship

Consult and inspire yourself with this list of tattoos draws designs jointly with your best friend.
Equal or complementary designs – To represent something meaningful to friends. It could be secret symbology, only known by its bearers.
Flowers – Flowers have deep meanings, in addition to the immense beauty, and they are a form to communicate, not in a clearly way, messages full of meaning. Example: Myosotis (the name of this plant means “Don’t forget me”), Carnations, Roses, Daisies, etc.
Words – The words themselves “friend” or “friendship” in their own language or another one. It makes even more sense if your lover is a foreigner.
Friendship symbols - stars, fruit (such as pineapple), animals (turtle, swallow, for example).
Pets – Because friendship is not only between humans but also between people and animals. This is a good way to pay tribute to your four-legged friend, being it alive or not. A fun way to tattoo it on you is drawing the paws of your dog or cat.

Tattoo inspirations for couples

Some shared tattoo designs between couples and lovers are the same. Indeed, that makes perfect sense. Friendship is a way of love and all the love relationships have friendship in itself.
Here is a list to give you some ideas.
Heart – Outline a heart on the ring finger. You can paint it inside. A very popular idea is to associate a heart with the infinity symbol, representing the endless love.
Ring – Draw a ring (in the ring finger) symbolizing an alliance.
Name or initial letter – write the name or the initial letter of your loved one in your body. Wrist and chest are the most used zones.
Symbol – Draw a common important symbol. One that also pleases the couples is a tattoo of a key for one and a tattoo of a lock for the other. Both symbols make sense when assembled. Strawberry, mutual love symbol, is also very popular among couples.
Phrases that complement each other – Write the excerpts of the same text. A phrase follows another. Together they are complete. Like a puzzle.
Date – Enter the details of your wedding ring (date and name of your love) in the body. It is beautiful on the inside of an arm.

Friendship and love forever

Several cases are known of couples that in the throes of passion make a tattoo in honour of their better halves and when the love ends, they decide to remove the tattoo. In this case, they suffer three times: the first one when they face the needles to draw the strong love they feel; they suffer the second time when love fails and what is left is a broken heart and a mark on the body that makes no sense anymore. Perhaps because there are not two without a third, they suffer again, when they go to remove the ex-love mark from their bodies and face the needles again.
Our advice is: think carefully before getting a tattoo. And think even better before getting a love or friendship tattoo, especially the love one.

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