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The cross tattoo is a very popular design worldwide. It is expressed alone or together with other elements, like, for example, doves, wings, hearts, words, flowers, beads, angels, skulls, dates...
Choosing to make a cross tattoo is a decision that in most cases is linked to religious or spiritual beliefs of the wearer. Some people feel secure carrying a cross and others like to use it as a symbol of faith. That is, just as there are people who use yarns or pendant with crosses as a matter of faith or a given special meaning, with cross tattoos happens the same. There are still those who use the cross only as an embellishment because they consider it a beautiful and aesthetic symbol.
The cross tattoo is in the category of religious tattoos.

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The cross is one of the oldest symbols of humanity, have been documented in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China and Greece.

Symbolism of cross tattoos

Although most people associate the cross to the Catholic religion, this is actually used in different religions. There are different shapes of the cross, which have different meanings. The cross has different symbolisms, nevertheless, one can say that is concerned with the faith, with spiritual values and seen as protection.

Cross types

Learn the different types of cross, traditions and meanings. Then choose one kind of cross tattoo!

Christian cross – In the Christian tradition, the cross symbolism is closely linked to the history of salvation and passion of Jesus Christ. Usually it takes the form of T.

Celtic Cross – This cross is the union of two rods with a ring centered at the intersection. The symbol evokes the balance and harmony, as well as protection of the Ancestors.

Greek Cross – Union of two rods in the form of +. Very connected to the spirituality and religiosity.

St. Andrew's Cross - Union of two rods in the form of X, also called "saltire" or a "vane".

Maltese Cross - This symbol, connected to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Knights of Malta), is also known as cross of Amalfi. The cross has eight tips and consists of four parts V-shaped, joined at the vertex.

Ankh - This is an Egyptian symbol of eternity and prosperity. This cross is also called the key of life. The Egyptians used it to represent life after death.

Who do make cross tattoo?

Until recently this was a traditionally male tattoo. However it has been drawn more and more on women's bodies. As with the majority of tattoos, women tend to make smaller tattoos. Small in size, big on symbolism.

Cross tattoo alone or accompanied?

The cross tattoo can be designed as single element or as part of a larger whole. Both ways are good. The most important thing is to express the feeling that the owner wants to give.
To get you inspired we are going to tell you shortly the choices of two artists. The actress Drew Barrymore tattooed a cross wrapped in a bouquet of flowers in the leg. Demi Lovato, already tattooed just a cross-shaped T in the right hand, in a small format, to express her faith.


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