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Fairies are mythological beings, usually represented as beautiful women with pointy ears and wings on their back. They usually own magic wands that they use to make charms; sometimes they’ll use magic powder as well.
These winged creatures inspire especially delicate and gracious drawings; that’s the reason why fairy tattoos are mostly a feminine choice. The body parts women usually choose to make a fairy tattoo are their back, shoulder blade, nape, forearm and hip.
In legends and folklore, these fantasy beings with supernatural powers are rarely seen. Their apparitions are intermittent, such as eclipses! With a fairy tattoo, those interruptions will no longer occur. The fairy will always be there – on your skin!
These are supernatural beings, as their lives have no end. They are not mortal as we and other living things are. Fairies have everlasting lives.

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Symbolism of fairy tattoo designs

As fantasy beings with supernatural powers, fairies are masters of magic. They symbolize spirit powers and magical abilities of imagination.

Fairies: destiny makers

Easily mistaken for a woman, a fairy is a messenger from the Otherworld.
The word “fairy”, in Portuguese and Spanish language known as “fada” and in Italian “fata”, comes from Latin: "fatum", which means fate, destiny. Thus, it is believed that fairies interfere upon people’s fate in a mystical way. They would have the power to determine luck and destiny. It is told in Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, German, and Nordic myths that fairies weave the thread of destiny with a spindle, then they roll it in the distaff and, when the time comes, they just cut it!
Fairies can be either well-doers (they do good things) or evildoers (they do bad things, cause loss and damage). Evil fairies usually stand against beings that do harm to the creature the fairies protect.

Fairies: nature spirits

Also called witches, fairies are nature spirits. So, they appear in mountains, into the woods, around a cave or abyss, by a river, source, or fountain. Fairies are like this, spirits of water and vegetation. They are, therefore, expressions and manifestations of Mother Nature.
The form fairies assume denotes this link to nature; they have female bodies themselves as well as dragonfly or butterfly-like wings. Maybe that’s the reason why they are associated to other elements of nature and Cosmos, such as flowers, plants, butterflies, and stars.

Fairies: eternal beings

Fairies also seem to never age; they always keep the same look. This attribute is probably the origin of the use of accrediting to fairy tattoos a connection not only to magic powers, but also to innocence and joviality (attributes associated to youth). Fairies also represent a personification of human wishes, for instance, Tinker Bell (from Peter Pan) and Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

Fairy Tattoos Ideas

Either twinkling along with other elements of nature or on its own, a fairy tattoo will always shine, whatever its chosen design.
Beauty is one of the attributes of a fairy, even the word “fairy” is sometimes used to refer to a beautiful woman. Some designers, starting from the characteristic beauty of the fairies, will add them some sensuality and create designs of sexy fairies.
Fairies may be either tiny or as tall as women are, but they invariably have huge wings. With their wings, they remind us of angels with their feathered wings, also on their back.
Beautiful huge-winged muses adorn bodies that long to mark this symbol permanently.


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