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Very much associated with sensuality and with eroticism, the garter belt tattoo is a choice highly feminine. The garter belt tattoo it immediately brings lingerie to the imagination that the lady of the tattoo might wear.
The garter belt tattoos can be more simple or more elaborate: with more or less developed, ribbons and bows; but the essential characteristic of the tattoo is seduction. The true garter-belt (yes, those are real and people do "wear" them) they make men go crazy, with one drawn in her skin itself, just imagine …
Like all the tattoos – and this one is no exception to the rule – the design and location of a tattoo, they say quite a lot about the person.
Generally the women do small and quite delicate tattoos, such as: flowers, hearts, and stars. Finally, everything is possible in the feminine universe. But it is not just froufrou designs that the women like.

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Garter Belt Tattoo with a gun

If a weapon can be paired with a sexy band tattoo, it is guaranteed it will have an air of “bad girl”! Visualize: a black band holding up the holster of a pistol! Are you seeing the effect?
And if instead of a pistol, to draw a knife? Also, it is going to cause a strong impression! Does he know the expression “hand in the hip, knife in the belt”? This sentence is often used to describe women with a bad temper.
Going on the war path, we leave one more suggestion of object to pair with her garter belt tattoo: a grenade. But we warn you from now on, this one cannot even throw nor to pull the trigger! Only impact that it will cause is visual! Speaking of impact, did you know that tattoos do get even more realistic? Doing a 3D tattoo! Talk with your tattoo artist about this idea.
To do a garter belt tattoo with a weapon (pistol, knife or grenade, for example) is the sure way to demonstrate the strong nature of your personality, since the guns are frequently associated with strength and power.

The garter belt of tattoo artists

The professional women of the art of tattoo have their variant of this band tattoo with a pistol. They designed one what does not kill anybody! They designed the pistol of tattoos.

Garter belt tattoo with objects

But if he is a pacifist and if she designs arms on her band then that will be out of question, there are other objects that she will be able to draw on your band tattoo, that will allow you to show to him your personality as a “woman of arms” without having to take up arms against someone! We should remember that a “woman of arms” is a popular expression to designate "courageous woman". The combative and fighting spirit, but pacifists, may prefer to do a band tattoo accompanied by feathers, by flowers, by lace, or of small ribbons, for example. The result will be lovely, that is certain! It will keep on being sexy, but … it is inescapable that it is going to lose the “air of bad girl”.

Garter Belt tattoo and sewing stitches

Some women like to band tattoo with scissors, or with thread and sewing needle. This can be an option for “you fairies of the home” or for women with a great sense of humor who chose these sewing materials in order to be ironic about the subject.

Bands that show during the warm seasons

Covered up for most of the year, the garter belt tattoo shows up mainly in summer, when the miniskirts and the shorts show them off. Choose this type of band and note that this tattoo has strong sensual appeal. But, only if you choose the version of it that you want to show to the world! A good little nice lady or like a “bad girl”?


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