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A heart tattoo is a classic, a traditional drawing that is also called old school. It is still famous now, just as it was in the past. Either gorgeous or discrete, either monochrome or colorful, either minimal or realistic, hearts tattoos are not subject to the passing of time, that is, they’re never out of fashion.
Seamen were the pioneers in heart tattoo art. However, this design became popular among many female fans. Even so that this is one of their favorite designs.
Female heart tattoos are usually smaller, discrete, and minimal, whereas male heart tattoos usually covers a larger body surface.
The most used body parts for heart tattoos vary according to gender. Most common body parts for women are wrists, hand fingers and feet. Men usually choose chest and arms.

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A heart design appears alone or it is followed by other elements. Red is the most chosen color.
This is one of the most used tattoos to celebrate love (passionate love, parental love, friendship love...). Its symbol is so associated to the noble feeling, to passion, to friendship, to care, to life and to affection in general.

Heart tattoo ideas and their meanings

Heart outline – That consists in drawing a heart-shaped line, without coloring it. It’s a simple and minimal motive.
Filled heart outline – In this case, the space within the outline is filled with color. This is also a simple and minimal option. As in the heart outline tattoo, red and black are the most used colors.
Heart with infinity symbol – This design is widely used by lovers who mark their endless love on their skin. This tattoo can be either made up of two symbols (heart and infinity).
Heart with musical note symbol – it is usual for music lovers drawing a treble clef or a music note symbol coming out of a heart, so expressing their devotion for this art.
Heart with letter or name – This is also an option for lovers who wrote their sweetheart’s initials or name close to the heart.
Realistic heart – the anatomic representation of the heart consists in a faithful drawing of this central organ in the human body.
Two hearts – Usually side by side, they are a symbol of each person in the relationship. These hearts can be filled within as well as an stylized representation (heart outline)
Heart made up of words – this is an original way of tattooing a heart. For example, it is just writing a sentence, making a heart design with the words.
Winged heart – The winger heart is closely related to spirituality.
Bleeding heart – This is a way to represent hurt and pain caused by love.
Heart with lock and heart with key – A popular tattoo among couples. One of the individuals draws the key (man) while the other draws the lock (woman).
Heart with a dagger – This tattoo is very used by soldiers; its symbol is related to bravery.
Heart crossed with an arrow – It is related to the image of Cupid and unforgettable memories.
Broken heart – The design of a broken heart reminds you of a loss that is hard to overcome, a love disillusion.
Half heart – This represents the gathering of souls. The other half is tattooed on someone else. Commonly used by couples and friends.
Heart in flames – The religious image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Widely represented in the images of Jesus Christ.

Heart with text lines and flowers

This is one of the classic representations of old school heart tattoos.


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