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A tattoo of a mermaid in the past was very popular among sailors. Meanwhile it swam on the bodies of men and women, regardless of whether or not these played an activity related to the sea. In any case, those who choose to implement this tattoo have in common an enormous passion for the sea.
The mermaids tattoos belong to the old school category. May already be old, but nevertheless retain a great appeal.

What is the meaning of the mermaid tattoo?

In the traditional concept, the mermaids are a symbol of fatal seduction. They symbolize the dangers of shipping.
Since the mermaid is a temptress woman, these tattoos tend to mean anything that is generally related to the woman: beauty, mystery, sensuality, intuition, etc.
On the other hand, metaphorically, navigating in the life is like a journey. Therefore, we can consider the mermaids as the pitfalls of desires and passions.
We must do as Ulysses, squeezing firmly to the harsh reality, which is the mast that is located in the central part of the boat, or rather the axis of the spirit of life, to avoid the illusions of passion.

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The origin of the mermaids

The mermaids are a mythological monster, with the head and chest of a woman and the rest of the body similar to that of a fish or a bird. They mostly appear as a fish, which derives from Nordic legends. In ancient Egypt, the mermaids were represented as a bird with a human head. Their symbolism was associated with the soul of the dead. The mermaid was considered the soul of a deceased person who had not fulfilled his destiny and for this reason was turned into a devourer vampire.
The shape of the mermaids originates in the elements of the air (sparrows) or sea (fish). They symbolize the self-destruction of desire.

The mermaids and sailors

The mermaids were as beautiful and bewitching as evil and terrible. With their beauty and melodic singing, the mermaids seduced sailors, drawing them into the sea or the rocks, to devour! It is said that Ulysses, the most famous hero of Greek mythology, not to succumb to the temptation of the singing of these monstrous and fearsome charmers, had to bind himself to the mast of his boat.

Who chooses to tattoo a mermaid?

Mostly men, but also women realize mermaid tattoos, because of its symbolism. Many people decide to do it to remember the importance of not surrender to temptations. This symbol tattooed into the skin it is important to remember how to establish a goal and try to reach it. Although sometimes it is difficult and seems impossible it is important not to give up. A mermaid tattooed on the skin is there to remind it to you. The temptation and desire can be beautiful and lovely, but we must resist!

Enchanting mermaids

The mermaids colored or edged in black while swimming on the human body are a fascinating option. Alone or along with other marine elements is always an elegant option. Fans of Disney's "The Little Mermaid" flaunt a very special mermaid on the body: the princess Ariel. The cartoon character with blue eyes, long red hair, green tail and a fuchsia bra in the shape of a shell adorns their body.

In which area of the body the mermaid tattoos are more successful?

Any area of the body is a good "canvas" to create a tattoo of mermaid. The most common places to represent these beautiful creatures of the sea are the arm, leg, back, shoulder blades, the instep, the hips, and the shoulder.


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