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Star tattoos are very popular, both for men and women, for their beauty and meaning. Some people say that tattoos of stars symbolize luck, or the “north star” which guides and protects. With its light, the star is associated with hope, dreams, and inspiration. To get a tattoo of the star, then, represents hope, determination, and achievement.
The Star tattoo is also a symbol for the spirit and for angels. The popular belief is that stars represent souls of the dead. Thus, it is also a form of representing someone who has already passed. The star then, can represent the connection of sprit and matter.
Stars cut the darkness of the sky and illuminate, shining in the celestial body. In the same way, it makes the human body shimmer. Star tattoos are a way to discreetly and elegantly make a hidden part of the body shine and stand out.

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Most popular types of star tattoos

The most common and traditional star tattoo is the five-point star, that is a symbol of the human microcosm. Depending on the type of star that it is, it can assume a wider variety of still more specific meanings.

Stars with five points

- Nautical stars

A nautical star symbolizes a safe return home. The first to represent this in tattoo form were sailors, who were democratized. It’s an “old school” tattoo.

- Starfish

When you cut off the arm of a starfish, this marine animal has the ability to regenerate and grow it back. For this reason the starfish represents cures and rehabilitation.

- Shooting star

Shooting star is the popular name for a meteor, the luminescent Phenomenon observed when a meteorite passes through earth’s atmosphere. Who doesn’t make a wish when they see a shooting star?

- Pentagram

This is one of the oldest symbols in the world. It has can signify many different things such as: the five elements (light, fire, earth, water, and air); it is the symbol of perfect mathematics; it is a symbol of faith; in Christianity it symbolizes the 5 wounds of Christ; and when upside down it symbolizes Satanism.

Aside from the five point stars, the following are also very popular:

Six point star (hexagram)

This star consists of placing two equilateral triangles on top of one another (with one of the upside down.) It is the symbol of the interaction between the divine and the mortal. This star also called the Star of David, is the emblem of Judaism.

Seven point star (septagram)

The star of seven points is the combination of a square and a triangle. It represents being human in its totality. It is the symbol of the mystic, due to its connection with the number seven.

Eight point star (Octagram)

This is the symbol of regeneration and abundance.

Nine point star (Novagram)

This is the symbol of conquest and stability.

Tatuaggi di stella dei personaggi famosi

Whether it’s only one, or a whole constellation, the star tattoo is always a beautiful design. It can be outlined or filled in, alone or accompanied by other elements, it is always a simple, but beautiful option.
Wrists, feet, and shoulders are the regions of the body commonly chosen to reflect the starlight.
Those who love star tattoos are... stars! The “top model” Kate Moss has a small star tattoo on the outside of her ankle. Among her twenty tattoos, Rihanna has several stars from her neck to the middle of her back. Three little stars shine on the shoulder of actress Sienna Miller. Owner of several tattoos, Avril Lavigne has several tattooed stars. The singer chose the wrist, forearm, leg and hip to design light sources.


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